5 design secrets to create persuasive and impactful presentation

We are team of Management Consultants and Graphic Designers. We understand that communication is central to everything you do today. We use different channels and tools for communication based on the needs and resources. One of the most used and popular tools for communication nowadays is definitely PowerPoint. It’s simple, it offers many features and it's commonly used by most.
However, only few really know and understand how to present information in a compelling way. Of course, the content is essential, but it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Makes sense, right?  Well, beautiful and structured slide design enables you to convey your message efficiently. It enables you to engage and interact with your audience, it is easier for your audience to follow the presentation and actually listen to what you have to say.
Throughout our extensive experience and research, we have identified common themes on what’s required to create compelling and impactful presentation.
Here are 5 design secrets to keep in mind:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words? - Well, not always, Yes, we are visual creatures. We interpret information better with visual. It is crucial to find right balance between text and visuals. Last thing we want to is to distract audience from main goal of presentation. Pair the abstract with the concrete to make it more memorable.
  1. Simple is always best choice - be clear and concise. Think about structure of the whole presentation as well as the structure on each slide. Common models & frameworks together with great design enable understanding of complex information. 
  1. Make it a conversation - it's another way of communicating. Great design is language we all speak and understand. Pay attention to flow, use horizontal or vertical flows, Cyclical flow is also good choice to go with. be clear and make your presentation look and feel engaging
  1. Text overload vs balance - Forget about long explanations and going into too many details. Get straight to the point with concise text that displays key concepts. Get the basic right. Show only what is crucial and then throughout the presentation you can expend specific topics if necessary. Impressive presentations focus on displaying fundamental viewpoints with only enough text to deliver concise messages.
  1. Right template - Why start from scratch? Use right template! This will save you huge amounts of time. Having the right template, you do not have to worry about structure and design which can take hours to do it yourself. Find a right template, customize it to your needs and you are ready to go. This is where we step up and provide right solution for you.


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We look at communication through multi-dimensional perspective. Therefore, all aspects together such as content, structure, duration and design are important. The complete view can be achieved by fulfilling all parts. While you are focusing on content and how long presentation is going to last, we provide solution that will improve your structure and create beautiful slides that will be memorable and make an impact.
We are committed to assist everyone to tell their impressive stories and communicate complex information in simple way. Share success and best moments with your team.
Pro Slide Master is design platform and provider of editable professionally designed slides. Our templates serve various clients regardless of industry and company size.

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